Just spotted through Paul's blog: the list of accepted ISMIR 2008 papers is now available online. All the papers sound really interesting, so I guess it will be a really good ISMIR!! I am especially glad to see that the Variations3 people will present their work on FRBR-based musical metadata. They seem to have done a lot of interesting things over the last year! I also hope we can make things connect in some ways with MO, thanks to this common FRBR backbone.

Anyway, I can't wait for the actual proceedings which, apparently, will be available online prior to the conference. Quite a few of the selected papers are already available on the Web as pre-prints, though (this really interesting one from Patrick Rabbat and Francois Pachet, for example).

I should have uploaded it earlier, but here is the paper we wrote with Mark Sandler. It describes all the structured data publishing and interlinking work we've been doing over the last year, based on the Music Ontology framework we described last year. We tried to illustrate that by (hopefully) fun examples (Mozart and Metallica are closer than you think... :-) ). It also describes a SPARQL-based web service for feature extraction, driven by workflows written in N3.