You can't play around with music data and RDF all day. Sometimes, you also need to find accommodation in the real world :-) But, as it was kind of difficult to motivate myself to the task, I thought it'd be easier if there was something RDFy about it.

So I created a new project on github (thanks for the invite, Tom, github is great!!), able to scrape RDF data out of Gum Tree. This python hack is able to scrape single advertisements for flats on Gum Tree, geo-code the corresponding location to find the lat/long coordinates, and to output the corresponding data as RDF. It is also able to process a GumTree RSS feed to scrape multiple ads, and to produce a Exhibit 2.0 JSON file, so it becomes really easy to create an Exhibit out of Gum Tree.

For example, this Exhibit shows the last 40 posted Gum Tree ads for one bedroom flats, north of the river.

Gum Tree Exhibit