For a recent event at the Dana Centre, I was asked to make a small demo of some nice things you can do with Semantic Web technologies. As it is not funny to re-use demos, I decided to go for something new. So after two hours hacking and skyping with Christian Becker, we added to the linked data exporter a support for recommended events. I also implemented a bit of geo-coding on the server side (although, with the new API, I guess this part is becoming useless).

Then, thanks to RDF goodness, it was really straight-forward to make that work with DBpedia mobile. DBpedia mobile is a service getting your geo-location from your mobile device, and displaying you a map with nearby sights, using data from DBpedia. DBpedia mobile also uses the RDF cache of a really nice linked data browser called Marbles.

So, after browsing your DBTune last-fm URI in Marbles, you can go to DBpedia mobile and see recommended events alongside nearby sights. To do so, select the Performances (by moustaki) filter. Here is what I get for my profile, when at the university:

DBpedia mobile and events