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Wednesday 19 May 2010

DBpedia and BBC Programmes

We just put live a new exciting feature on BBC Programmes: programme aggregations powered by DBpedia. For example, you can look at:

Of course, the RDF representations are linked up to DBpedia. Try loading adolescence in the Tabulator, for example - you will get an immediate mashup of BBC data, DBpedia data, and Freebase data. Or if you're not afraid of getting overloaded with data, try the California one.

One of the most interesting things about using web identifiers as tags for our programmes (apart from being able to automatically generate those aggregation pages, of course), is that we can use ancillary information about those tags to create new sorts of aggregations, and new visualisations of our data. We could for example plot all our Radio 3 programmes on a map, depending on the geolocation of the people associated to these programmes. Or we could create an aggregation of BBC programmes featuring artists living in the cities with the highest rainfall (why not?). And, of course, this will be a fantastic new source of data for the MusicBore! The possibilities are basically endless, and we are very excited about it!

Wednesday 29 October 2008

SPARQLing a funk legend

I just came across this awesome blog post from Kurt. It starts from a real music question (he saw Maceo Parker live, and wanted to know if he wrote one of the song he played in the encore: Pass the Peas), and finds an answer to it using Semantic Web technologies, in particular SPARQL.

Great stuff!

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Last.fm events and DBpedia mobile

For a recent event at the Dana Centre, I was asked to make a small demo of some nice things you can do with Semantic Web technologies. As it is not funny to re-use demos, I decided to go for something new. So after two hours hacking and skyping with Christian Becker, we added to the last.fm linked data exporter a support for recommended events. I also implemented a bit of geo-coding on the server side (although, with the new last.fm API, I guess this part is becoming useless).

Then, thanks to RDF goodness, it was really straight-forward to make that work with DBpedia mobile. DBpedia mobile is a service getting your geo-location from your mobile device, and displaying you a map with nearby sights, using data from DBpedia. DBpedia mobile also uses the RDF cache of a really nice linked data browser called Marbles.

So, after browsing your DBTune last-fm URI in Marbles, you can go to DBpedia mobile and see recommended events alongside nearby sights. To do so, select the Performances (by moustaki) filter. Here is what I get for my profile, when at the university:

DBpedia mobile and last.fm events