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Wednesday 3 September 2008

Good-bye C4DM, hello BBC!

I've been rather quiet for the last month: intense PhD writing. I have been trying to get it fully written by the end of September. Indeed, I will be joining BBC Audio & Music at the end of the month. I am really really excited about that! Of course, I am a bit sad to leave the Centre for Digital Music, after three fantastic years spent there: great people, great work, great projects, great art and great beer :-)

Tuesday 3 June 2008

Sorted Sound at the Dana Centre

If you're around London on Thursday, a couple of people from the Centre for Digital Music in Queen Mary, University of London (including myself) will talk about the research we do in music technologies, at the Dana Centre in South Kensington.

The event description is mainly focused about search. Kurt will indeed demo Soundbite and Ben and Michela from Goldsmiths college will demo a fast content-based search on large music databases. However, Chris, Katy and Matthew will demo the Sonic Visualiser, a great open source software to analyse and visualise audio data. I will talk about Semantic Web technologies, in particular the Music Ontology and Linked Data. I will also be demoing some things related to organising music collection using Semantic Web data, and user interfaces to interact with them in unusual ways. As Tom puts it, the Semantic Web is not all about search :-)