I was at the SemanticCamp event this week-end - it was great fun! Lots and lots of Semantic-Web/Microformat geeks! We did a small C4DM session, on the Saturday, with Chris, Kurt and David, basically getting through the Music Ontology, interlinked music datasets (especially the new classical music composers one), softwares in the MOTOOLS sourceforge project (mainly GNAT, our music collection linker, and GNARQL, our music information aggregator, showing a live demo of this screencast). We finished on a SPARQL end-point providing access to content-based features, based on our Henry software.

Slides, code and demos are available here.

My personal highlights of the Saturday were the DBPedia presentation by Georgi, the Automatic indexing of science by Andrew, and the BBC /programmes presentation, where they finally unveiled their evil plans :-)

I did join them at the end to talk about one of the bubble on their pentagram of data, the RDF programmes data.

On the Sunday, we had a really great discussion about audio/video on the Semantic Web, with people from Joost, from the BBC, from Talis and from URIPlay. I guess one of the main achievement was the mapping of the URIPlay ontology and the BBC one (well, ok, it was just a owl:sameAs away :-) ). I did not actually play, but the Semantopoly game looked like great fun!

I really enjoyed Nicholas presentation about streaming RDF along with radio streams, also, with his neat hardware hacks to create a Wifi radio station out of a vintage Philips one! Then, I guess we had quite a geeky session with Tom, crawling the Linking Open Data cloud with CURL, and hand-editing a FOAF file to manage several online identities:

I found Premasagar presentation on compound microformats really interesting, as it made me realise a particular "limitation" of microformats (perhaps I am not using exactly the right word, here) that I really didn't get before.

Not to mention the great beers on Saturday, etc. etc. :-) It was a really great week-end! Thank you Tom and Daniel!!