We had a really good time last week-end at the London Music Hack Day. If you haven't seen the list of hacks that were done over the week-end yet, go take a look! I found Speakatron, BumbleTab and Earth Destroyers to be particularly funny :)

Andrew, Chris and myself (as well as our beloved video producer Patrick) created an Android application to create and find 'musical treasures'. Think geocaching for music. You wander around and can drop tracks from your personal music collection, and you see what tracks people have dropped nearby you. If you're close enough, you can fetch and play the tracks. And we won the 7digital prize!

Here is a small video demonstration, and below are some screenshots:

On the data side, we use the recently linked 7digital and Echonest APIs. The back-end was written using Rails (check out the Cucumber tests!), and the Android application using the Android SDK. A list of clues for recently dropped tracks appear on the main website and on a twitter feed. And of course, here is the APK for the Android application.