I'll be traveling next week to Vienna, for the Web of Data practitioners days in Vienna, where Keith Alexander and I will be giving the first talk (3 hours, yay!). We plan to do quite an exhaustive introduction to linked data and to what happened over the last few years, with quite a few interesting (hopefully!) examples. I'll also give a small introduction to the Music Ontology and to DBTune in the Multimedia session, on the Thursday. The other speakers are truly amazing, so if you're in Vienna next week, please come along! :-)

Next, Patrick and I will be travelling to Karlsruhe, to attend ISWC 2008. This will be my first ISWC, so I am really looking forward to it! And I just noticed the SWI-Prolog folks are presenting a paper there (Thesaurus-based search in large heterogeneous collections), so this will be the perfect occasion for thanking them for the software framework underlying DBTune :-)