I just put a live demo of something I showed earlier on this blog.

You can explore the Creative Commons-licensed part of my music collection (mainly coming from Jamendo) using aggregated Semantic Web data.

For example, here is what you get after clicking on "map" on the right-hand side and "MusicArtist" on the left-hand side:

Data-rich music collection management

The aggregation is done using the GNAT and GNARQL tools available in the motools sourceforge project. The data comes from datasets within the Linking Open Data project.The UI is done by the amazing ClioPatria software, with a really low amount of configuration.

An interesting thing is to load this demo into Songbird, as it can aggregate and play the audio as you crawl around.

Check the demo!

Update: It looks like it doesn't work with IE, but it is fine with Opera and FF2 or FF3. If the map doesn't load at first, just try again and it should be ok.