I finally updated the Jamendo dataset. Indeed, the previous version was based on a dump from about 5 months ago.

During these few months, their dataset increased a lot (Jamendo rocks... It is clearly my favorite music source)! The corresponding RDF is now just a bit more than one million triple (the whole RDF dump is available).

While updating the dataset, I also fixed a number of issues:

  • Added mo:available_as links towards playlists in XSPF and M3U formats - this is a really cool feature, and fixed the Bittorrent and ED2K links;
  • Fixed some bugs in the Geonames linking - now, almost every artist is linked to the corresponding Geonames URI ;
  • Fixed some Musicbrainz links, but there is still some work to do on that side (I would need to relaunch my record linkage algorithm, but it is a bit slow, and it is a bit late :) ) ;