I just committed in the motools sourceforge project a small SWI-Prolog module for accessing the Sindice Semantic Web search engine.

Just about 20 lines of code, and it handles Sindice URI lookups (find documents referencing a particular URI), and keyword lookups (find documents mentioning a similar literal). I guess it sort of proves how well designed the Sindice service is!

Anyway, a typical SWI-Prolog session making use of this module would look like:

?- use_module(sindice).
?- sindice_q(uri('http://dbtune.org/jamendo/artist/5')).
% Parsed "http://sindice.com/query/lookup?uri=http%3a%2f%2fdbtune.org%2fjamendo%2fartist%2f5" in 0.00 sec; 2 triples
?- sindice_r(Q,U).
Q = 'http://sindice.com/query/lookup?uri=http://dbtune.org/jamendo/artist/5',
U = 'http://dbtune.org:2105/sparql/?query=describe <http://dbtune.org/jamendo/artist/5>' ;

Q = 'http://sindice.com/query/lookup?uri=http://dbtune.org/jamendo/artist/5',
U = 'http://moustaki.org/resources/jamendo_mbz.rdf'

Then, up to you to crawl further (using rdf_load). By replacing uri by keyword, a keyword search is performed, which results are accessible in the same way.